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Ken Rossics lives in the St Louis, MO metro area with his wife. With this book, he has shared his journey and years of personal experience trying to find the right balance of fitness, exercise, nutrition, and wellness. While this may seem like its own full time job, Mr. Rossics spent nearly 25 years as an educator. First, as a high school math and science teacher, high school principal, and spent the majority of his education career leading human resources departments for school districts. He retired from education at the end of 2018. In case you are wondering, tales from the world of education may indeed be the primary topic in another book. . .

Mr. Rossics is a Beachbody coach and achieved fitness certifications for some of their well-known exercise programs. He is an expert with their fitness and nutrition platforms. This can be a great place to start with increasing exercise and/or working toward a better diet plan.

In addition to his passion for health and wellness and skills in human resource management, Mr. Rossics is a successful real estate investor and has even owned property internationally. 

If you have been inspired by this book, the best compliment you could ever provide is to live a little better each day.


Strategies to Increase Personal Health and Wellness

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