#Overcome focuses on the largest issues and topics impacting health and wellness: stress, attitude, habits, exhaustion, exercise, diet, happiness, and the ultimate goal – achieving personal wellness. Any particular chapter could be the topic of an entire book in and of itself. My goal is to broach the topics in a common sense manner and apply some simple strategies to help you along the way. There is also a lean toward people that need a place to start with the topics in this book. 

Despite where you are on the health and wellness spectrum right now, you can move toward improving things. Even small steps forward will allow you to reach the destination. Once you gain the confidence from those small steps, larger and larger steps or leaps will be waiting for you.

Although many people improve their health and wellness through exercise, diet, or both, those results often fade over time. This might be due to a variety of reasons. . . increased stress, family changes, job changes, lack of focus, lack of motivation, lack of money, etc. Building a healthy lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint. In many instances, having a partner, group, or coach to support you along the way is the key to achieving and sustaining the results you want.

“It has been an honor to know and work closely with Ken Rossics for the past 7 years. For the vast majority of that time he was an essential part of my leadership team, and we all grew from his knowledge and expertise. Ken has extensive knowledge in the area of health and wellness. He has put this expertise in his book #OVERCOME: Strategies To Increase Personal Health and Wellness. In addition to his extensive knowledge, Ken is an excellent communicator, and I have no doubt his experience and expertise will be of great value to you.”

Dr. Donna Jahnke

Asst. Professor, Saint Louis University, Retired Superintendent of Schools, Ladue School District

“In #OVERCOME: Strategies To Increase Personal Health and Wellness, Ken Rossics takes you on a journey through his own experiences and expertise regarding health and wellness. Ken did something I have rarely seen him do by pulling back the curtain to his personal struggles with health and wellness. This book highlights the importance of making health and wellness a priority. #OVERCOME is a must read for anyone looking for a little inspiration and common sense approach to improving their own health and wellness.”

Alison Toth

Director of Technology, Kirkwood School District, St Louis, MO

“Each chapter provides insights and encouragement from someone who has been through the same challenges and issues as you. Like all good mentors, Ken provides insights and tips that anyone can use to improve their own health and wellness. He encourages and reminds you of the often neglected importance of your own health. It is clear to see his passion and commitment to health and wellness on every page. #OVERCOME is a compelling compilation of Ken’s knowledge and expertise.”

Sarah Sprenger

Director of Human Resources, Affton School District, St Louis, MO

“It has been a great pleasure to know Ken Rossics. I have known and worked with him for the past 15 years. He coached and mentored me professionally with a focus on overcoming obstacles. His book #OVERCOME: Strategies To Increase Personal Health and Wellness can certainly benefit anyone looking to improve.”

Dr. Clint Freeman

Superintendent of Schools, Dunklin R-V School District, St Louis, MO


Strategies to Increase Personal Health and Wellness

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